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We welcome client's of all ages from 18 and up. There is no minimum investment or net worth requirement. Our focus towards each client will be based upon their age, goals and circumstances. We recognize that each client has unique goals, including goals such as saving for a new car, down payment on a house, college for children/self, or retirement. We also recognize these goals change over time.

We take pride in the fact that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. We can analyze all of your and your family’s financial concerns; from retirement planning, tax planning, college funding, estate planning, debt management, and insurance, and come up with a plan, built specifically for you, based on your needs, timeframe, and goals. We discuss strategies for setting and meeting your goals, and work through the financial planning process to come up with “The Plan”. The Plan is the deliverable, product, and end result. Comprehensive financial planning, and planning for each of its individual areas of concern is done on a fee basis based on an hourly rate. This way, you can either take it home and implement it yourself, or come back and we can do it together.

At NCN Financial, LLC we believe that successful financial strategies require the close integration of six key areas:

We provide a "one-stop shop" where are clients can obtain the full integration of these areas without having to go to several different firms.

Personal Financial Planning: This is where all financial planning begins - with you. Control and management of your personal finances are critical to achieving your financial goals. Addressing your personal finances includes preparing and using a budget, managing cash flow, managing debt and interest payments, and tracking and forecasting both expenses and income. These actions provide the "foundation" to enable us to help you begin to develop your long-term financial plan.

Income Tax Strategies: In the ever-changing world of tax laws at both federal and state levels, it is critical that our clients receive professional tax advice, tax preparation services, and full integration of tax planning into all aspects of their overall financial plan. We provide tax services in all states of America, as well as provide tax services to U.S. expatriates overseas. We provide tax preparation services for many of our clients, but can also work with our clients existing tax advisors.

Life Insurance Coverage: We find that people often have too much life insurance coverage, not enough life insurance coverage, or are using the wrong type of life insurance to accomplish a given task. Life insurance can be used to accomplish two basic tasks: provide some protection against future risks (such as loss of income), or to transfer wealth to subsequent generations in a tax-advantaged manner. The key is adequately determining how much coverage you need, using the correct type of insurance, and then update those plans as circumstances change in your life.

Investment Strategies: Investment recommendations are designed specifically for each individual's goals and circumstances. We do not do day-trading, or speculate in high-risk precious metals. Our focus is longer term investments designed to meet specific investment objectives. As independent advisor's, we have few limitations to what we are able to recommend. The investments we recommend may include mutual funds, stocks, ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds), annuities and non-publicly traded investments. As a part of our recommendations, we require clients to have sufficient emergency savings prior to investing.

Retirement Strategies: As our clients approach retirement, we work with them to develop a strategy to provide adequate cash flow during retirement while minimizing income tax and trying to ensure that their investment assets last throughout their lifetime. During retirement we continue to review this strategy and adjust as needed to meet unforeseen changes in the economy or the client's individual circumstances.

Estate Financial Strategies: We find that a majority of our clients first begin to work with us without having adequate estate documents (Wills, Living Trusts, Medical Powers of Attorney / Health Care Directives, etc). While we are not attorneys, we do have Certified Estate Planners on our staff, and they can assist in beginning the initial work to develop estate plan documents. We also find that many clients may have the minimum documents, but have not adequately prepared themselves and their families for the transition of wealth. We assist our clients in ensuring that their estate plans are more than legally sound; we help them to make sure that the financial aspects of the plans are practical and complete.